Slate Technologies Announces Second Generation Release of the Slate Decision Assistant

October 25, 2023

Slate Technologies Announces Second Generation Release of the Slate Decision Assistant, Bringing Advanced Generative AI to Construction Management 

The latest release utilizes proprietary construction-specific Large Language Model and cross-platform integration to take construction projects to new heights 

Pleasanton, CA (October 25, 2023)Slate Technologies, a visionary in AI-software solutions for the construction industry, announced today the latest release of the Slate Decision Assistant, an advanced generative AI tool designed to fundamentally improve decision-making and data analysis in construction. The release leverages Generative and Predictive AI models, and is backed by the first proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) specific to the construction industry. Slate has the ability to integrate and analyze data from a variety of sources, across a multitude of platforms. Its system gives construction professionals unparalleled access to data and enables them to mobilize insights and recommendations using a feature-rich system that helps teams visualize issues, explore predictive outcomes, and generate workflows. “What sets the Slate Decision Assistant apart is that it is not confined to one software or gated within a single platform like most solutions,” said Trevor Schick, CEO of Slate. “It goes beyond a simple search engine or the implementation of chatGPT by working across platforms to harness the value of data and give construction professionals an immersive means of not only interacting with it, but putting it into action.”

Clients are already using Slate to streamline workflows, create process innovation, and reimagine the way projects come to life, from pre-construction to completion. Early customer engagements have helped increase productivity, save human-hours on repetitive tasks, reduce estimating and take off time frames, and monitor and improve project health.

Ready to deploy today, Slate Decision Assistant features include:

Cross-platform intelligence: Slate Decision Assistant seamlessly connects and analyzes data from a wide range of software platforms. It ensures that data from common construction software tools can be ingested and leveraged within a single, unified interface.

Contextual Data Analysis: Slate’s AI-powered assistant goes beyond simple data retrieval. It contextualizes the data to provide valuable insights into how it impacts project schedules and budgets, helping construction professionals make informed decisions swiftly.

Slate’s Proprietary Large Language Model (LLM): One of the first proprietary Language Model specific to the construction industry, which uses the semantics of the construction domain and enables intelligent interactions within the system.

Data Visualizations: Slate provides dynamic data visualizations to enable immersive data exploration allowing the user to relate complex information quickly and make data-driven decisions.

Sophisticated AI Recommender Models: The assistant learns from every user interaction and each project outcome, targeting users with contextual recommendations to help them cut through the noise and focus on the decisions that matter most. These learnings feed system optimization to create increasing return on investment over time.

“With 96%* of data going unused, the construction industry leaves tremendous value on the table,” said Senthil Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, Slate. “The proliferation of various Contech platforms hasn’t really helped to address the productivity problem. With the Slate Decision Assistant, teams can unlock siloed data to work more efficiently, increase productivity and profitability, and create better outcomes.” *Cain Menard. FMI. “Beyond the Buzz: Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics in Construction. March 2023


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