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Construction is a messy business. Slate helps you make sense of project data so that you can focus on the decisions that matter most.

Harness and harmonize your data, no matter the source.

From precon to completion, Slate sets you up for success, helping you see through the noise of cross-platform data to what’s relevant, actionable, and impactful.

More than a dashboard.

Slate puts the power to see, analyze and act within your reach. Slate helps you chart the most efficient course and navigate project pathways to success.

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Receive personalized alerts and recommendations.

Slate’s AI-powered assistant learns alongside every member of the team and provides daily insights into the specific issues that matter most to them.

The ultimate decision-making tool.


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material cost

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Open issues

Productivity slips

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The power of generative AI.

Slate's AI-driven capabilities allow professionals to explore their data, ask questions, and derive meaningful insights with ease. Slate empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize productivity, and stay ahead of the competition.

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@slate what drawing is the window detail on?

@slate what if we moved the concrete pour to Monday?

@slate show me all open issues by location.

@slate generate an estimate and shops for all windows.

Never make the same mistake twice.

Slate learns alongside you, capturing contextual outcomes, learning from them and feeding these learnings into each new day, into each new project, and into your organizational intelligence.

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There is a massive change underway in how construction projects are planned and scheduled, thanks to new capabilities unlocked by AI.