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Recent News

Challenges of AI Model Training in the Construction Industry

Explore how AI models can benefit as much from soft data such as personal anecdotes as much as hard data.

Construction Software Company Slate Technologies Buys Splash Modular

Slate Technologies announced Tuesday that it has acquired Splash Modular, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning firm.

Commercial Construction & Renovation with Joel Hutchines, VP of Industrialized Construction from Slate AI

Join Joel Hutchins as he talks about his career, lessons learned, and how AI can help improve the process of construction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in construction

Senthil Kumar, CTO and head of AI at start-up to discuss how the technology can assist the complexity in the building industry

AI-Powered Information Increases Efficiency in Project Delivery

Learn how AI and data delivery will play a critical role in eliminating the need for design and construction contracts with Joel Hutchines.

Contech Startup Slate Exits Stealth Mode with AI SaaS Platform

Digital assistant uses AI and machine learning to improve construction professionals’ productivity and decision-making

After Katerra: How digital construction is developing in the US

Katerra has passed the reigns onto Slate Technologies, a new dominant face in the lively digital construction industry

A Virtual Assistant For Construction! | Joel Hutchines

Slate Technologies Inc. is providing virtual assistance for construction to improve the quality and speed of your tough decision making

Building Processes Hold the Key to the Future of Construction

What do chocolate mudcake recipes, industrialized construction, DFMA and AI have in common? The key to the productization of construction.

2030: A BIM odyssey

Take a look at what future design systems may hold with Richard Harpham and the help of Greg Schleusner

Construction AI Startup Slate Technologies Buys Industrialized Construction AI firm Splash Modular

As a result of the acquisition, Splash will operate as part of Slate Technologies to facilitate Industrialized Construction (IC).

Design for Constructability

If digital construction is the future, we need to understand modern fabrication methods. It looks like the industry needs a new process

Digital Dark Data: What the Construction Industry Should be Looking for

Discusses the digital “dark data” within construction that real estate companies need to know about and how AI can help reveal them.

How AI Will Advance This Year

Senthil Kumar discusses generative AI, adaptive intelligence, and cognitive computing/NLP as the future of AI. Learn more below.

Slate Technologies Acquires Splash Modular

Slate Technologies announced today that it has acquired Splash Modular for Industrialized Construction & Design Manufacturing Assembly.

Five Things You Need to Shake Up Your Industry

Interview with Jeff Bettencourt, CEO of Slate Technologies, an AI platform that maximizes efficiency and costs for the construction industry

Digital assistant impresses Skanska

Skanska is among the first in the construction sector to use a digital assistant from Slate Technologies

How AI Can Help Construction Improve on Gut Instinct

Explore how AI can help improve construction productivity by going beyond memory and gut instinct of industry professionals.

Slate Technologies - A Virtual Building Assistant

A conversation about the acquisition and who Slate Technologies, how AI / ML technologies can assist in the adoption of IC & more...

How AI Can Help Access Collective Memory Within the Enterprise [Q&A]

Discuss how collective memory in construction can be slowing down the innovation of the industry. See how AI can help!

Slate Technologies Launches Digital Assistant for Construction

Slate Technologies Launches Digital Assistant for Construction, Using AI and Machine Learning to Maximize Revenue and Productivity

The New Holy Grail: Data Driving Design for Constructibility

Joel Hutchines on why data should drive design for constructibility in the areas of design intent, the bid tender process, and change orders

Waste Not, Want Not: Using AI to Rid Your Site of Waste

Why do construction projects keep experiencing rework and waste? We're taking a deep dive how you can use AI to Rid Your Site of Waste.

The Domino Effect of Labor, Construction and AI

Explore how technology can play a role to transform the Construction industry to attract new talent and improve productivity and execution.

The Process of Decision Making and the Role of AI

Learn more about how AI can aid people in the decision process

Software for Industrialized Construction with Joel Hutchines

A discussion of how Slate Technologies facilitates decision support for designers in modular construction

US: Contech start-up acquires modular AI firm

As a result of the acquisition, Splash will operate under the umbrella of Slate Technologies, which is based in California.

Modular Suppliers without AI are all Smoke and No Fire

The benefits of offsite construction are well touted, but where’s the hard proof? discusses how AI can give contractors confidence.

What next for AEC software?

Interview focusing with Slate Technologies on how a BIM-centric approach throttles construction

Getting decision-making right

A dive into the presence of 'dark data' and the power it can bring to human decision making when properly brought to light.

The ‘Finding Fault’ Industry in Design and Construct Contracts and How AI Makes It Unnecessary

Is the "finding fault" approach driving up your construction costs? AI can help streamline pre-construction and optimize design solutions.

Using 'Dark Data' and AI to Improve Project Management

Taking a dive into the meaning of "Dark Data" and the power of contractors using that information to manage construction projects.

Architecture, engineering, construction in the age of Generative AI

The construction of ambitious buildings has pushed human beings to the limits of their capability—but what if AI can help us build to new heights?

How Generative AI can transform Architecture, Engineering, Construction

There is a massive change underway in how construction projects are planned and scheduled, thanks to new capabilities unlocked by AI.

AI can now design buildings. Could it solve the Bay Area housing crisis?

Artificial intelligence software can speed design and construction. But it’s “not a silver bullet” to fix the lack of cheap homes.

Slate AI Launches Digital Assistant for Construction

A new construction AI product from Slate pulls construction insights out of the project schedule, joining SmartPM and others.

Interview with Trevor Schick | AECCafe Bunker Broadcast

Interview with Trevor Schick, CEO, Slate Technologies.

Joel Hutchines breaks down AI’s transformational role in boosting productivity for construction

The construction industry faces decision-making challenges, leading to losses. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers objective, data-driven insights and predictive capabilities, boosting productivity. Joel Hutchines highlights the necessity of embracing AI for efficiency and value creation in construction.

A Futurist Perspective on Generative AI in Construction

Explore Senthil M. Kumar's discourse on AI's influence in construction, encompassing generative design, scheduling optimization, cost estimation, and human-machine interfaces. Approach innovation with caution for enduring progress.

Opinion: Are AI and machine learning overhyped in construction?

Joel Hutchines advises caution amid the construction industry's rapid adoption of AI and ML. Despite hefty investments, a gap exists between excitement and practical implementation. Prioritizing tangible benefits and responsible AI/ML use can streamline management and enhance safety. Hutchines calls for investments in technologies genuinely improving project delivery and creating a more efficient, safe, and sustainable construction landscape, moving beyond buzzwords.